Sunday, May 10, 2015

My mothers role in my education.

My mothers role in my education. 

It was at the time of public examination result my dad went to Maharastra for business. My mom was the only person with me.  I got 80% result in the Public examination and was seeking for admission in the Arts College, since my dream was to purse Science degree. My dad said, he can come back to my home only after four days after the exams results. As per the former plan, my dad assured that he will come to my home during the time of admission. But due to the critical issue in his business, he could not come on that time. So, my mom decided to search for admissions in the reputed arts college. It was the day of examination result, so there were huge crowd in all the colleges wherever we went. It happened to wait in a long queue for long time to receive application form. But my mother never hesitate to wait for such a long duration. At the end of the day, we received five applications from nearby colleges. One of the reputed college at my city, informed that we have to pay money immediately to confirm the admission. 

Next, our big and challenging task was to arrange money for admission in the colleges. My father informed us he will arrange the money in three to four days. But we were in need of money immediately, as the seat would be filled soon. My mother went to all relatives and requested for the money for admission. Somehow she arranged money and we filled the application form, and finally went to the college to pay the amount. She kept her jewels in the bank and arranged for loan so as to return the money to the relatives immediately. After one week, we received confirmation order from the college for Physics graduation. This was the dream of my father. 

After my graduation, my relatives suggested good proposals for my marriage. But my mother very strong in pursing higher studies, since that gives confidence for me. 

Today I am doctorate in Physics and I am working as a lecturer in reputed Engineering College. I got a good match who is also from the same field. 

Today this happened because of my mother’s hard work, determination at the time of my admission. Irrespective of my father’s absence, financial problems my mother could overcome all the problems for my studies. 

I am a mother for two kids, when I educate my kids, I do remember my mother’s sacrifice for my education. 


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