Friday, August 21, 2015

Distance is not a problem with Airtel 4G

Distance is not a problem with Airtel 4G

My husband is a professor and currently working in university of Perlis , Malaysia. I have a son of four years old. Due to family circumstance, my husband is residing in Malaysia and I along with my son reside in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. My son is very much attached to his father and he miss him a lot. Even though I miss him, I am matured enough to handle his absence. Whereas, my son could not take up his absence. At times, I cannot convince him when he demands his father. So, we decide to chat through Skype and we took broad band connection purposefully to have a video chat with him whenever it was needed.

When my son saw him first time in the video, there was no words to express my son’s joy. Slowly, it become a routine. Every day, after returning from school, my son used to chat with him during night time. My son demands his father to show his new guest house, his shoes, his TV, his living room, his dinner, in short everything through the camera. I still remember, my husband used to take the laptop in his hand and move around 360 degree to show the complete room.

On the other side, my son shows his new toys, his home works through camera. Sometimes, when we were chatting there will be a problem with the network speed. The video call gets disconnected, or sometimes it gets hanged, or sometimes the call never gets disconnected. Those days, my son used to cry loud and never sleep at night. We were facing this issues frequently.

We were looking for a fastest network and were inquiring my friends about the fastest Network in `India. Every one's answer was not convincing. I then, came upon the #GetAirtel4G advertisement which made me to go for it. But I don’t have much idea about 4G. But, the advertisement tempted to go for it.

As soon as I got a new 4G SIM, My son was curious to talk to his dad. We immediately called from my mobile and the call got connected immediately. It was such a memorable experience that cannot me expressed in words. The clarity of the video was awesome and the voice was clear. The call never got disconnected, even after having video chat for one hour.  My husband was surprise to experience the network speed, clarity on the other side.
Previously he used to share the pictures of his weekend trip. But These days, he records each and every move and send those videos which is a duration of more than one hour through What’s app.

And due to fast speed, we were able to download the video quickly. You know what, these days we would reply him back with a video of our expression on watching the video.

Earlier, without Airtel 4G, for downloading the pictures itself would take minimum 30 seconds. These days, with Airtel 4G, the video gets downloaded at the earliest.

This Fastest network will be very much useful for the people whose family stays far from India. With Aritel 4G, we feel we covered entire Malaysia.


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