Thursday, October 30, 2014

Digital India

Digital India

Digital India is the PM project to transform the entire country into digitally empowered society. PM said e-governance is “easy governance, effective governance and economical governance”. The advantage of e-governance is its high speed internet technology that makes communication easier and available in all gram Panchayats. He added, “If the villages could be connected with broadband, the medical facilities could greatly help the poor”.
Then, what about farmers? Agriculture is said to be the back bone of India, employees 50% of population and contributes 45% of domestic needs. In digital India project, what broadband means to the agriculture?
Here is the answer….
My father who is a farmer has great interest in agriculture does farming in our own land. There are nearly 350 coconut trees, 200 banana trees, chicken farm, fruit and vegetable farming in our land. Due to solar panel system, we have 24 hrs power supply in our farming. We have lots of trees in the entire village and hence water level in the ground rises due to adequate rain throughout the year.

  Intel which support digital India project has introduced many new apps especially for agriculture. Today in the early morning my dad goes to the farm and return with tomatoes, onions mangoes and bananas. Since our village is fully globalized, with the Intel’s new apps my dad does online marketing where he fixes the rate for vegetables and fruits. The customer, who is satisfied with the rate, confirms the order and thereafter he delivers the product to the costumer after receiving online transaction. Thus my dad can access online markets which results in good income to our family. After breakfast, he irrigates the coconut trees with the help of intelligent irrigation platform by fixing the duration, direction, and region of land. Motor turns automatically and data continuously monitors the water flow to the coconut trees throughout the time. Thus water consumption is highly decreased by this digitalized system. The remote sensor picking platform, picks single or bunch of coconuts from the trees automatically. It picks around 200 coconuts in just half an hour.

Digital Agriculture. . . 
Meantime he finds some virus has infected our green vegetables, so he used the apps to find correct pesticide and orders for it. It not only suggests the pesticide, but also gives useful information to when and at what amount to use. It also distributes the fertilizers and pesticides on crops automatically and thus save time, energy and increases productivity. This new platform also suggests the crop to protect from insecticides both in chemical and biological methods.
      When I am talking with my dad, I just asked him about the cultivation of sugarcane farm in our land. My dad is impressed with my idea and he decides to cultivate it. The new data calculates the soil mineral level, nature of the soil, climatic condition of our village, water level required for our cultivation, place to cultivate and so on. Thus it helps my dad to calculate which regions in our land to cultivate sugar cane farming.
My mom whose interest is greatly with the birds farming, take care of chicken farm. With the new platform, my mom monitors the chick’s location and behavior. It traces the movement of chicks, whether it walks or sleeps, indicates the chicks health and its performance. Decision about the feed and injection to the chicken is automatically indicated by the apps. It monitors the eggs laid by the hen. The eggs are then carefully collected and packed which are then ready for marketing. In order to get the 24 hrs free medical assistance given by the government, it is enough to register in website for animals and birds. In the evening my mom does online flower marketing where she has rose and jasmine.
Finally I am fully motivated by my dad’s farming and decided to help my dad in agriculture in future after completing my engineering graduation. No, doubt my future is agriculture.


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