Friday, November 14, 2014

Perfection second's Corrections

It was very Sunny afternoon had to go to railway station to pick my in-laws. While I was waiting for the train to arrive my eyes got caught by a small boy who was trying to open the chips packet which his Mom sitting next to him gave. He Just opened the Packet from the middle and spilled all most half down. He felt very sad he got only few to eat. He said the same to his Mom. I could hear him saying to his Mom that he had very less. His Mom Smiled at him and said you should have Opened it correctly my dear. The Boy felt bad and kept pale face. Than after a while when the Mom understood that the boy was actually repenting for what he has done, she gave him another Packet which she had. The boy was so happy. I thought as the boy was joyous by getting one more packet from his MOM will open the packet Very fast fast and sure to spill at least few , as that is the Kids tendency. But to my shock this time he was very slow and careful too in opening it and made sure he doesn't drop even a single one. and WHAT! HE DID IT!

 All the while I was watching the Boy I was thinking how true this is in every one's life. It is not always that we get things done right in one short. Second time when the Boy opened the packet it triggered my mind telling that If A person is perfect without doing any mistake then he can't be Human being but should be God.

Hope we all of us would have had our own story like this Boy.


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