Friday, July 10, 2015

Dabur Honey To Stay Fit

Dabur Honey To Stay Fit

During my studies in college I use to take part in all the sport activities and will be one among the top 5 winners. For me sports are one of my favorite fields, right from the childhood apart from my studies. I never felt tired of continuous running and playing with my friends.
After marriage I changed my field and I choose teaching profession as my career. I took long leave for my delivery inorder to look after my son. I am busy in preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband and my baby. I joined college after my maternity leave and all my colleague started commenting that I have put on weight.  I have heard that almost every woman would gain weight after deliver, since they will not find time to take care of them. That day immediately after returning from college when I checked my weight, I was shocked to see that I have gained almost 10kg of weight after my delivery. From then on I cannot even walk for short distance due to my obesity and felt little tired when it happened to lecture for one hour. As a result I planned to visit my family doctor who has attended my delivery for consultation. After seeing my weight my family doctor suggested me to reduce weight and advised me to go for walking. For me I cannot leave my son in the morning and go for walking and moreover I have to prepare breakfast and so on. It is difficult for me to find time to go for walking but at the same time I am concerned about reducing my weight.

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One day when I was talking to my sister she gave me the idea of Honey Diet ie to consume honey in the early morning before breakfast to reduce weight. But I hesitate to use because of the fear of side effects and at the same time I do not want to lose energy, but she advised me to use best brand Dabur Honey which will not have side effects. From then I started drinking Dabur honey with half lemon in one glass full of warm water in morning before breakfast. Consistently I lost 1 kg of weight every month since it removes the unwanted cholesterol from the body and now on the whole I have reduced almost some 5 to 6 kgs in these 6 months. Believe it or not consuming honey in the morning will help you to reduce weight without any side effects and loss in energy. Now I feel that I have become young and energetic while giving lecture.
Here are few tips To stay fit
1. Mix Dabur honey with half lemon in one glass full of warm water
For Face pack
1. Mix Dabur honey with little amount of salt. Apply it on the face. Scrub all over the face and wash it off.
2. Mix Dabur honey with tomato puree. Apply it on the face  and wash it off


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